InLei® Brow Bomber Kit



The InLei® Brow Bomber Kit contains everything you need for incredible Brow Lamination, all in one kit! Brow Bomber is a revolutionary brow lifting treatment from the amazing team at InLei® Italy. 

This kit is the perfect way to start your brow lamination journey, or if you have an academy, this is the ideal way to offer kits to your students! Brow Bomber has been developed using the highest quality ingredients in a prestigious lab in Italy. It has been created specifically for gentle but effective results on the brows, leaving the brows soft, healthy and nourished whilst protecting the skin, leaving behind no redness or tenderness.

Product details

The Brow Bomber Kit includes:

  • 1x Brow Lift 1, 30ml

  • 1x Brow Lock 2, 30ml

  • 1x Brow Bomber 3, 15ml

  • 1x Mister Fix, 15ml

  • 1x Soft Brow Peeling, 100ml

  • 1x Lady Shield, 50ml

  • 1x Developer Cream, 100ml

  • 1x Light Brown Tint, 15ml

  • 1x Cappuccino Tint, 15ml

  • 1x Silver Tint, 15ml

  • 1x Rembrandt Professional Brush

  • 1x Brow Ruler

  • 1x User Manual

How to use

  1. Cleanse the brows with InLei® Foam Cleanser, rinse thoroughly with Saline Solution and pat dry.

  2. Dispense a pump of Brow Bomber Lift 1 and use it to brush the brow hairs into the desired shape.

  3. Leave the Lift 1 to work for the appropriate time, depending on the thickness of the brow hairs (6-12 minutes) - DO NOT Use cling film, Brow Bomber is designed to be used without being covered.

  4. Remove Brow Lift 1 with a dry cotton pad.

  5. Brush InLei® Mister Fix onto the brows in a thin layer, ensuring the hairs are fixed neatly in the desired position.

  6. Apply Brow Lock 2 with a brush, ensuring the brow hairs are brushed into the desired shape.

  7. Leave Brow Lock 2 on for the appropriate time, depending on the brow thickness (half the time of Lift 1, plus 2 minutes).

  8. Remove Brow Lock 2 with a damp cotton pad.

  9. Mix your InLei® Tint in a 1:1 ratio with InLei® Developer and apply carefully to the brows.

  10. Leave the tint to work for 6-12 minutes, depending on the desired depth of colour.

  11. Remove the tint thoroughly with a damp, ensuring none is left on the skin.

  12. Dispense a pump of InLei® Brow Bomber 3, and brush into the brows.

  13. Leave Bomber 3 on the brows for 5 minutes, and then dab off the excess with a tissue if necessary. 

  14. Brush the brows into position, and take some photos for your social media!

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