InLei® Aftercare Bundle - Aloe Vera Mousse & Fashion Lash Conditioner - SAVE 20%



Taking care of eyelashes shouldn’t end with leaving the beauty salon! Educate your clients on the importance of lash aftercare, and show them the benefits of regular nourishment and maintenance.

We’ve put together the ultimate InLei® Aftercare Bundle that creates an amazing retail product for your clients! Want even better news? You save 20% when you buy them as a DUO compared to buying separately.


InLei® Aloe Vera Mousse- gentle lash and brow foaming shampoo that removes makeup, oils, dust and dirt from hairs and skin, perfectly preparing them for further treatments. It contains plant extracts that protect and nourish the skin and hairs, making it perfect addition to Lash Filler or Brow Bomber treatments. 

InLei® Fashion Lash - created to protect natural lashes from external factors, whilst also acting as protective film when wearing mascara. It also fixes the lashes in the desired position by shaping them and keeping them perfectly aligned, highlighting the beautiful curl and lift after a Lash Filler treatment. Thanks to the "luminescence" ingredient that exploits the luminescent properties of the mullein flower, it makes the hair shiny and soft to the touch.

Product details

  • Savings of 20% compared to buying products individually
  • The bundle consists of full size InLei® Aloe Vera Mousse (100ml) and InLei® Fashion Lash Conditioner (6ml)
  • Perfect aftercare products for clients of  InLei® Lash Filler or  Brow Bomber treatment
  • Made in Italy

How to use

InLei® Fashion Lash:

  1. Apply to eyelashes or eyebrows daily to nourish the hairs and protect them from external factors and makeup.
  2. Wash off at the end of the day during your regular cleansing routine, to maintain the health of your lash or brow area.


InLei® Aloe Vera Mousse:

  1. Dispense a single pump of foam onto the fingertips and massage gently into the lash line/brow area.
  2. Rinse with cool or lukewarm water.
  3. Use as a pre-treatment product before  tinting,  Lash Filler,  Brow Bomber or  eyelash extensions treatments.
  4. Use daily to remove make-up at the end of the day and maintain health of the eye/brow area.