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What are your regulations on patch testing?

When it comes to patch testing, this is something which is strongly advised but not something you necessarily need to enforce. We recommend checking with your insurance provider if they require you to perform a patch test in order to cover you for the treatment.

A patch test should always be carried out at least 48 hours prior to the treatment by applying tint and the other products used in the treatment to the inner elbow area and wait 24-48 hours for any irritation to occur.

Few important things to remember:

- When it comes to tint, always mix the tint with developer and use the darkest shade for the patch test in order to get the best result

- Always check with your insurance provider what is their policy regarding patch testing.

- Always inform your clients that they may still develop an allergic reaction despite having a patch test done, as allergic reaction to products can be a developed allergy and can happen at any point (even after many years).

- We strongly advise NOT to perform a treatment, if your client shows any signs of an allergic reaction, or you are aware of an allergic reaction that happened in the past.

Do you have a physical shop?

We do not have a physical shop, we are an online-based company.

Why can’t I order large quantities?

We have assigned maximum limits to our product selection on our websites for a few key reasons:

1. To avoid customers facing any potential overstocks from bulk buying and the products then reaching its expiry date before use (especially the glues!)

2. To avoid buying for resale 

Our returns policy states that we cannot accept any returns for unwanted products over 14 days since purchase, and so unfortunately we would not be able to accept any returns over this period if you accidentally overstocked from bulk buying during the sale. The last thing we want is for our customers to lose out, so we have this policy in place to safeguard against any potential disappointments.


What are the steps to use Brow Bomber?

Disclaimer: Brow Bomber products are for eyebrow treatments only performed by a trained professional. 








For a full step-by-step refresher on how to use the Brow Bomber products, read our blog: STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO BROW LAMINATION | HOW TO USE INLEI® BROW BOMBER

Can I use Brow Bomber 3 on its own?

Brow Bomber 3 is a product designed to be used as the last part of the Brow Bomber treatment to finish the treatment and complement the previously used products, which can be quite drying on the eyebrow hairs.

Used on its own, it does not give a brow lamination effect, and will only act as a moisturising, nourishing butter. It can be used as the last step of the tinting procedure to nourish the eyebrows.

Brow Bomber 3 is for professional use only.

Is Brow Bomber a brow lamination/brow perm treatment?

Yes, Brow Bomber is a name used to describe a brow lamination/brow perm treatment that is performed using InLei Brow Bomber products.

Can I use a different brand of tint with Brow Bomber?

All products from the Brow Bomber range have been designed to work together, in order to guarantee sufficient results. If you decide to use another tint brand, you may not have the same effects as when using all products from the collection.

Should I use cling film with Brow Bomber instead of the Fixing Gel?

We recommend using Fixing Gel or Mister Fix to align the eyebrows during Brow Bomber treatment. This will help you control the directions of hairs and create the desired effect. We do NOT advise using cling film for Brow Bomber treatment, as Brow Bomber is a cold perm, therefore it should not be exposed to a higher temperature during processing time (higher temperature is created when brows are covered with a cling film, which speeds up the processing time - this may cause damage to eyebrow hairs).

Can I use Brow Bomber on eyelashes?

No, the Brow Bomber range has been designed specifically for brow lamination, and should not be used on the lashes, as it may cause damage.

Can I use Filler 3 instead of Brow Bomber 3 for eyebrows if my client is allergic to Brow Bomber 3?

Both Lash Filler and Brow Bomber ranges have been designed to work together within their own range of products. That is why we wouldn't recommend mixing products from another range, as we cannot guarantee the results.

Can I sell Brow Bomber 3 to clients?

Brow Bomber 3 is a product for professional use and should not be retailed to clients.

The Brow Bomber 3 solution isn’t coming out of the bottle, why?

As the solution inside the Brow Bomber 3 is a delicate nourishing butter, it may solidify if stored at colder temperatures. It is recommended to warm the bottle up by rolling it between the hands for 1-2 minutes before dispensing and storing it at room temperature (18-22 Degrees Celsius) for at least 3 hours before the treatment. 

We do not recommend warming the bottle up in the microwave or near a direct heat source.

What is the shelf life of the Brow Bomber bottles?

Every product has its expiry date listed on the packaging. It is a small open jar icon with the number inside - the number indicates the months.

Brow Lift 1 - 3 months after opening 

Brow Lock 2 - 3 months after opening

Brow Bomber 3 - 9 months after opening


Can I use henna instead of tint for Brow Bomber?

Henna dye cannot be used for Brow Bomber (brow lamination) treatment. Both henna and lamination slightly dry out the eyebrow hair and when combined together can cause damage to the eyebrows. 

You should wait at least 20 days after brow lamination to offer a henna brow treatment. For brow lamination, it is recommended to use tint.

The tint didn’t stain the skin/the stain washed off after a few days, why?

The stain of the tint on the skin depends on several factors:

- the colour used during the treatment (darker colours tend to leave a slightly stronger stain)

- skin type (colour will fade quicker on oily skin)

- mechanical movements (the use of scrubs, peelings, touching the eyebrows, makeup application etc).

On normal skin, the results can last around 7-10 days, on dry skin up to 7 days, and on oily or mixed skin only up to 3-5 days.

Does InLei tint contain PPD?

Every hair dye contains PPD, however, InLei Tint contains a very small percentage of it, compared to other brands.

Does InLei tint contain ammonia?

InLei Tint is based on plant waxes and does not contain ammonia.


Is Lash Filler a lash lift/lamination?

In short, yes. The In Lei Lash Filler treatment is a lash lift/lamination treatment with the added component of nourishing and thickening the client’s natural lashes. It is an innovative product on the market, offering a unique difference from the standard lash lift treatment. 

Lash lift/lamination is a general term used for describing a treatment that permanently changes the curl of the natural lashes. Many years ago, when lash perming was just invented, no one knew much about the chemistry of the products, therefore lash perm was based on only two components of the treatment (perming + neutralising solution), however, it lacked the third component that would moisturise and nourish the lashes.

Only many years later and after lots of research lash perm started to evaluate, offering more 'lash friendly' solutions, including nourishing serums as a last part of the treatment.

This is when the name lash perm, changed to lash lift/lash lamination. Those treatments started to include nourishment as a last part of the treatment, improving the condition of natural lashes.

Based on that, you can say that Lash Filler is a lash lift/lamination treatment, however, it is a lot different from other, similar treatments available on the market. Lash Filler is a much safer treatment as products undergo several tests that strictly define their ingredients and their influence on the hair structure.

Lash Filler has a positive impact on lash growth and health, resulting in thicker and shinernatural lashes. Lash Filler is also the first treatment in the world that has been recognised for its efficiency, including thickening of natural lashes up to 24%, which is confirmed by clinical tests done by the University of Milan.

What is the difference between Lash Filler and LVL?

The LVL is a treatment that just lifts the client's lashes. InLei’s Lash Filler treatment not only lifts the client's lashes but also nourishes the lashes from the inside out. It also helps increase the lashes' natural thickness by up to 24% after just three treatments - which has been clinically proven by the University of Milan.

Read more on the In Lei Lash Filler Treatment

Can I use Filler 3 with another lash lift brand to make lashes thicker?

Filler 3 is one of the components of the full Lash Filler treatment and was designed to work strictly with other products from the range (Form 1 and Fix 2). Using Filler 3 on its own or with other lash lift brands does not guarantee results and is not recommended.

Can I use Lash Filler for an eyebrow treatment?

Yes, you can offer a Brow Filler treatment using InLei Lash Filler products, however, please note that the Lash Filler range of products was designed for eyelashes, and for eyebrows In Lei have created the Brow Bomber range

Brow Filler will influence the brow hair structure, resulting in thicker hair up to 24% in 3 treatments. It is important to remember that not every client would like to have their eyebrow hairs thicker.

Can I sell Filler 3 to clients?

Filler 3 is a product for professional use and should not be retailed to clients.

Can I use Filler 3 on its own?

We do not recommend using Filler 3 on its own, as this product was designed to be a part of Lash Filler treatment and does not guarantee results when used as a stand-alone product.

How should I clean the lashes after the Lash Filler treatment?

Every solution during Lash Filler treatment should be removed using dry cotton buds. We strongly advise you not to use any water. At the very end of the treatment, we recommend using Filler 3 to help dissolve the Fixing gel, and then using the Fillering tool, remove the residue of the fixing gel and tint leftovers from natural lashes. Filler 3 can be left on the lashes and does not need to be removed after the treatment is finished.

I struggle with cleaning off the Fixing Gel at the end of the Lash Filler treatment. How can I remove it?

First of all, remember to pay attention to the amount of fixing gel that you are using during the treatment. If you tend to apply too much fixing gel, start working with smaller sections that will help you control the amount of product. At the end of the treatment, we recommend using Filler 3 to help dissolve the fixing gel, and then using the Fillering tool, remove the residue of fixing gel from natural lashes.

Alternatively to Fixing Gel, we also retail the InLei LamiCa Gel which may be a suitable alternative for you if you struggle with the Fixing Gel. Compared to inLei®’s flagship "Fixing Gel", LamiCa is softer and more flexible during the application, while guaranteeing the same performance in terms of results. The thin and soft brush will allow you to attach the lashes without any product wastage, and the very soft formulation allows you to cleanse the eyelid and lashes thoroughly and easily at the end of the treatment, using only a little water

My client doesn’t like the result. Can I repeat the treatment on the same day?

If the effect of the treatment is not as your client has expected, the best solution would be to offer them a complementary treatment in a few weeks' time. If the final result requires an immediate fix, then you can repeat the treatment in the next couple of days, using the minimum timing. However, always take into consideration your client's natural lashes when making a decision, as you do not want to cause any further damage. 

If you have any further questions or need some immediate advice, we’d recommend to get in touch with our Customer Service team via Live Chat. 

My client's lashes didn't lift, why?

There are several reasons why the lashes didn't lift after the treatment:

1. Incorrect size of the silicone shield (was the curl too soft/big for the client's lashes resulting in a weak curling effect?)

2. The lashes were incorrectly aligned on the silicone shield

3. Too much of the fixing gel was used that prevented other products from working

4. Incorrect product placement for Form 1 and Fix 2

5. Incorrect choice of timing

6. Working with expired products

7. Working with products that were incorrectly stored

How often can I repeat the Lash Filler treatment?

It is advised to perform one treatment every 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the lash growth cycle, for continuous results.

Is Lash Filler vegan?

All Lash Filler products are cruelty-free with the majority of products being also vegan. The only product that is not vegan is InLei Filler 3 which contains Keratin, and In Lei Gentle Wax.

Can I use Lash Filler sachets for more than one client?

One sachet (1.5ml) is designed as a Monodose, which means that it should be used for one customer due to the nature of the packaging. However, if sealed properly, the sachet can be used for 2-3 clients, but should always be used within a maximum of 1 week after opening. Incorrect sealing of the sachet may result in products losing their strength and influencing the outcome of the treatment.

How many clients can I do from one bottle of Lash Filler?

Form 1 and Fix 2 - lasts up to 35 treatments depending on the amount used for each client.
Filler 3 - up to 15 treatments, depending on the amount used for each client.

Other products such as Cream Developer, Tint or Mousse are long-lasting products that can be used for many months.

How long can I keep the Lash Filler products open for?

Every product has its expiry date listed on the packaging. It is a small open jar icon with the number inside - the number indicates the months.


Form 1/Fix 2/ Filler 3 - 2 months after opening


Form 1/Fix 2/ Filler 3 - it is recommended to use it for a one treatment

How should I patch test for Lash Filler & Tint?

It is always best to patch-test the client for all products that are used during the treatment, as they all may come into contact with the skin during the treatment.  A patch test on the skin would be conducted as normal, by placing a dab of the product onto clean skin using a clean microfibre brush. You should apply all of the products to the forearm, wait for 15 minutes and then wipe the product off and cover the patch test areas with a hypoallergenic plaster.

Top tip! Write which product was tested on that spot and allow your client to observe the area for any reaction and report back on which product gave them irritation.

Ask the client to observe the area over 24 to 48 hours. If the client has a reaction, you must refer them to their GP and not provide any further medical advice or perform the treatment.

Tint must be mixed with the cream developer (hydrogen peroxide) in order to patch test. This will be a more common allergen due to a small percentage of PPD in which customers might be allergic.

All ingredients are written on the packaging of the products, so during the consultation/patch testing appointment when doing a medical history, ask the customer if they know they are allergic to any of them, and avoid using that product if so. If unaware and the client hasn’t developed an allergic reaction previously - please make sure to do the patch test before the treatment. It doesn't guarantee that allergic reactions won't develop during the treatment, but it is definitely safer to do so. 

In each product leaflet it says whether to patch test or not, but to be on the safe side we always say to patch test all products you would be using.


Do you always need to tint the lashes during the lash filler treatment?

No, tinting the lashes is optional and depends on your client's personal preference. You will also not tint the lashes if your client experienced any irritation or sensitivity after the patch test.

Do you tint lashes during or after the Lash Filler treatment?

Tinting is a part of Lash Filler treatment, therefore is performed during the treatment itself, after Fix 2 solution.