InLei® Frida Mascara



After long, in-depth studies and countless tests, InLei® Frida Mascara was born.

InLei® was driven to the creation of this product by many requests from the followers who were looking for a mascara that can be used on treated eyelashes (after lamination/perming treatments) or on eyelashes with extensions, which didn’t negatively impact the longevity of their treatment!

  • Comprehensive protection for any type of hair, whether healthy or damaged
  • Nourishes and restores natural lashes
  • Contains the Keratix™ system which regenerates the eyelashes and gives elasticity while protecting the natural hair
  • Contains peptides and amino acids
  • Compatible with eyelash extensions and Lash Filler treatment
  • Oil-free formula

      Product details

      • Soft and enveloping consistency
      • Breaks down easily with the use of foam cleanser, without the need to rub the lashes too hard
      • Formulated using natural ingredients
      • High quality, high definition applicator wand
      • Perfect retail product for your customers
      • 8ml
      • Made in Italy

      How to use

      1. Simply apply InLei® Frida Mascara as a part of your daily make up routine.
      2. For the best results and ultimate protection of natural lashes, pair it with InLei® Fashion Lash Conditioner.
      3. To remove, just wash your eyes with warm water. Massage in gently with fingertips, no need to rub! 
      4. Alternatively, it can be easily removed with warm water and InLei® Mousse.