How to Store Your Brow Bomber Products: A Comprehensive Guide for Brow Technicians

The efficacy of your brow lamination treatments is significantly influenced by the integrity and condition of your products. For Brow Technicians who rely on Brow Bomber for a steady flow of clients and stunning transformations, mastering the art of product storage is crucial. This detailed guide offers in-depth insights into maintaining your Brow Bomber products to ensure maximum performance and client satisfaction.

The Critical Role of Proper Storage

The performance and safety of Brow Bomber products are directly affected by how they are stored. Effective storage not only extends the products' shelf life but also preserves their quality, ensuring each application delivers optimal and consistent results. Here's why understanding and implementing proper storage techniques is essential for every Brow Technician:

Knowing the Shelf Life

Each product in the Brow Bomber range has a specific shelf life, which serves as a guide to its efficacy period. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial for maintaining the safety and effectiveness of your brow treatments:

Brow Bomber Bottles: Look for the symbol on the bottle indicating "3M" which means the product should be used within three months after opening.

Brow Bomber shelf life

Brow Bomber Sachets:These contain a production date and a use-by date that help you track product freshness and ensure you are using them at their peak performance.

Brow Bomber shelf life

Optimal Storage Conditions

Storing your Brow Bomber products under ideal conditions will significantly enhance their longevity and effectiveness. Here are detailed tips on achieving the perfect storage environment:

Temperature Control:Store your products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight or heat can accelerate the degradation of active ingredients, reducing product efficacy.

Avoid Fluctuating Climates:Storage near radiators, air conditioners, or windows can have fluctuating temperatures that may negatively impact your products. Consistency in storage temperature helps maintain the products’ integrity.

Humidity and Moisture: Excess humidity can lead to the breakdown of active chemicals in Brow Bomber products. Using airtight containers, especially for opened products, can protect against humidity and sunlight, and in turn extend shelf life.

Airtight Solutions and Air Exposure

Proper sealing techniques are paramount, particularly for products that are frequently opened and closed:

Bottles:Ensure that each bottle is capped tightly after use. This prevents air from entering and interacting with the solution, which can lead to quicker degradation from oxidation.

Sachets: Once opened, sachets need careful handling. Seal them tightly, perhaps with adhesive tape or a sealing clip which forms a tight bond, and store them in an airtight container to maintain their effectiveness.

InLei® Top Tip: Pierce the sachets, making a tiny hole to distribute the product through. This will make sealing the sachet much easier, as you can just apply some adhesive tape over the small opening.

Effective Inventory Management

Implementing an effective inventory management system can make a substantial difference in how you use and store your products. Always try and follow a First In, First Out strategy (FIFO).

This method ensures that older products are used before newer ones, reducing waste and ensuring the use of products within their effective period. Also remember to schedule regular checks of your inventory to monitor expiration dates and manage stock levels - pop it in your calendar so you don’t forget! This helps in using products when they are most effective and safe.

Maintaining Hygiene and Safety

Hygiene is non-negotiable in brow lamination procedures. Here’s how clean practices can impact product storage:

Tool Sanitisation: Always use sterilized tools when applying Brow Bomber products. This prevents contamination that could not only harm clients but also degrade the product quality. Our F360 and F Plus are perfecting for sanitising your tools.

Clean Storage Areas: Ensure that storage areas are clean and free from dust and debris. Contaminants can infiltrate product containers and compromise their quality.

InLei® sanitising liquid

By meticulously following these guidelines, you ensure that your Brow Bomber products are stored under optimal conditions, thereby extending their shelf life and ensuring they perform as intended. Proper storage is more than just a good practice—it’s a commitment to providing safe, effective, and high-quality brow lamination treatments that keep clients returning.