InLei® Brow Lift 1



InLei® BROW BOMBER is a revolutionary professional treatment, created for the eyebrows and intended to make the hair of the eyebrow arch obedient, soft, silky and styled.

InLei® "BROW LIFT 1" is an effective perm solution on the hair but is gentle on the skin. Its density is specifically designed to not leak or run, even as it becomes warm on the skin, which means you are able to carry out the entire treatment with the client comfortably seated!

Due to the specific formula of the InLei® Brow Bomber product line, there is no need to use cling film when you are leaving the products to work, just apply to the brows and leave them to work! 


Do not experiment by combining different brands, the result cannot be predicted as InLei® Brow Bomber has been tested as a complete system.

It is absolutely forbidden to use Brow Bomber it on eyelashes , it can cause serious eye damage. If you want to offer Lash Lift treatments, check out the InLei® Lash Filler range.

Product details

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Airless bottle with a zero waste dispenser
  • Contains ingredients for skin protection
  • Contains 30 ml (up to 40 treatments)
  • For professional use only 
  • Carefully read the enclosed leaflet before use

How to use

  1. Cleanse the brows with InLei® Foam Cleanser, rinse thoroughly with Saline Solution and pat dry.

  2. Dispense a pump of Brow Bomber Lift 1and use it to brush the brow hairs into the desired shape.

  3. Leave the Lift 1 to work for the appropriate time, depending on the thickness of the brow hairs (6-12 minutes) - DO NOT Use cling film, Brow Bomber is designed to be used without being covered.

  4. Remove Brow Lift 1with a dry cotton pad.

  5. Brush InLei® Mister Fixonto the brows in a thin layer, ensuring the hairs are fixed neatly in the desired position.

  6. Apply Brow Lock 2 with a brush, ensuring the brow hairs are brushed into the desired shape.

  7. Leave Brow Lock 2on for the appropriate time, depending on the brow thickness (half the time of Lift 1, plus 2 minutes).

  8. Remove Brow Lock 2 with a damp cotton pad.

  9. Mix your InLei® Tint in a 1:1 ratio with InLei® Developer and apply carefully to the brows.

  10. Leave the tint to work for 6-12 minutes, depending on the desired depth of colour.

  11. Remove the tint thoroughly with a damp, ensuring none is left on the skin.

  12. Dispense a pump of InLei® Brow Bomber 3, and brush into the brows.

  13. Leave Bomber 3 on the brows for 5 minutes, and then dab off the excess with a tissue if necessary.

  14. Brush the brows into position, and take some photos for your social media!


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Perfect bottles

Love that there is no product waste with this lamination system! Gentle yet efficient, one of my favourites and lasts a good amount of time

Alex Bowey

This is one of the best lami kits I've ever used! So gentle yet gives the sleekest results and the clients hairs are always in beautiful condition.