Brow Lamination Kits: Essential Tools and Products for Brow Technicians

Starting a career as a Brow Technician is a very exciting time. Among the many services you can offer, brow lamination has become increasingly popular due to its ability to give clients perfectly shaped and fuller-looking brows. If you’re looking to expand your skills and services, investing in the right products for your brow lamination kit is essential and it helps you set off on the right foot. This comprehensive guide will detail everything you need in your brow lamination kit to provide professional and effective services for your clients.

Brow Bomber brow lamination kit

Essential Components of a Brow Lamination Kit

To perform brow lamination effectively and safely, having the right tools and products is crucial. Here’s a detailed list of what you need in your brow lamination kit to ensure a smooth and professional service for your clients:

1. Brow Lamination Solutions

Brow Lift 1 (Perming Solution): This is the first step in the lamination process. The perming solution softens the hair, allowing it to be shaped and fixed into the desired position. It breaks down the bonds in the hair, making them malleable.

Brow Lock 2(Setting Solution): After the brow hairs are shaped, the setting solution is used to lock the hairs in place. This solution re-establishes the bonds in the hair, ensuring that the new shape holds for several weeks.

Brow Bomber 3(Nourishing Solution):Once the brow hairs have been set, Brow Bomber 3 restores the hair with a range of nourishing ingredients that support the hair's health and strength.

2. Other Solutions

Brow Cleanser:A gentle brow cleanser is essential to remove any makeup, oils, and dirt from the brows before starting the lamination process. Clean brows ensure that the perming and setting solutions can penetrate the hairs effectively and deliver the best results.

Mister Fix:Mister Fix, a brow adhesive helps in holding the hairs in the desired direction during the lamination process. It ensures the brows stay in place while the perming and setting solutions work their magic. 

Soft Peeling:A gentle brow scrub that can be used before the treatment to exfoliate the skin, ensuring a perfect canvas for a successful brow lamination. This is especially important for clients with dry skin.

Lady Shield: A protective skin cream for clients with sensitive skin. This naturally-derived cream has a slight numbing effect that will reduce redness and irritation that can sometimes occur from a brow lamination treatment.

Brow cleansing before brow lamination

3. Tools and Accessories

Application brushes: These are used to apply the solutions precisely and evenly on the brow hairs. They help in ensuring that every hair is coated with the solution. They are also useful for shaping the brows and ensuring each hair is aligned perfectly. They can also help in applying tint if you offer brow tinting services as part of the lamination package. Check out this blog post to help you decide on the best brow brushes for you.

Spoolies: Spoolies help in brushing and positioning the brow hairs during and after the lamination process. They are essential for achieving the desired shape and direction of the brows.

Brow Mapping Thread:This thread helps you map out the desired brow shape to ensure you achieve perfect symmetry and precision when it comes to tinting and hair removal.

4. Brow Tint 

Adding a brow tint to your kit allows you to offer an additional service. Tinting can enhance the results of the lamination by giving the brows a more defined and fuller appearance. Make sure to choose a tint that complements the client’s hair colour and skin tone. If you are tinting brows, you will need a tint, developer and a mixing dish.

Choosing the Right Kit

When selecting a brow lamination kit, ensure it includes high-quality products that are safe and effective. Look for kits from reputable brands that provide all the necessary components listed above. Investing in a good kit will help you deliver excellent results and build trust with your clients.

Brow Bomber kit

Equipping yourself with a comprehensive brow lamination kit is the first step to offering this popular service as a lash technician. By ensuring you have all the essential tools and products, you can perform brow laminations with confidence and achieve beautiful, long-lasting results for your clients. Start with a quality kit, follow the correct procedures, and watch your clientele grow as you become known for your impeccable brow lamination services.

Remember, the success of brow lamination not only lies in the products but also in the technique and aftercare. Stay updated with the latest trends and techniques, and continuously refine your skills to provide the best possible service to your clients. Happy laminating!