InLei® Mister Fix



Mister Fix is the latest InLei® innovation, specially created to make the brow lamination treatment even easier! Inlei® Brow Bomber has become an increasingly popular treatment, and the eyebrow professionals using it were expressing some very specific needs that led us to create this product. We acted on the feedback of those Brow Artists, and created a special glue specifically for the Brow Bomber treatment. We are pleased to introduce you to InLei® Mister Fix!

3 GOOD REASONS to use water-soluble glue during eyebrow lamination treatment:

Do you usually use water-soluble glue during brow lamination? You should know that:

  1. Unlike the InLei® Lash Filler treatment where the perm substances are not applied on the tips, the InLei® Brow Bomber treatment inevitably works on the entire hair. Consequently, it is necessary to have a glue that wraps the hair completely and holds it firmly in the desired position. Since the tips are the thinnest and most fragile parts, without a fixing product you risk burning the hair, and obtaining a "wavy" result. Mister Fix helps you to save time and get better results because it meets these precise needs.

  2. Mr Fix allows you to get the right tension and it does not flatten the eyebrow at the root. The results will be outstanding: voluminous and tidy brows!

  3. It helps to separate the hairs one from the other: this allows the brow artist to obtain a defined shape and to fill in any gaps in the brows, creating a fuller effect on the eyebrow.


InLei® Mister Fix vs InLei® Fixing Gel:

We have worked for a long time on this product, testing many ingredients, formulations, packaging styles and application methods. It took us nearly 5 years, but we have created the last piece of the puzzle that perfectly completes our Brow Bomber brow lamination range!

You all know our product line that is specific for eyebrows and you know very well that this is a revolutionary treatment, but only by using Mister Fix will you be able to achieve the very best results. Brow Bomber is not a real InLei® Brow Bomber if you don’t use Mister Fix!


We have studied this water-soluble glue together with Italian chemists who developed the products included in the working protocol. The formula has been created from the scratch, getting exactly what we needed. Mister Fix has been
designed specifically for the Brow Bomber treatment, to perfectly meet the needs that we have encountered in the sector - let's analyse them together:

  • VISCOSITY neither too runny nor too thick. It has that ideal level of compactness that allows you to obtain a uniform application all over the eyebrow, creating the desired shape at the first stroke.

  • DRYING is less immediate than the classic Fixing Gel: Mister Fix remains soft and flexible for the time it takes to place every single hair. Its formula therefore allows you to carefully finish all those points where precise work is needed without the risk of breaking the hair or using too much product.

  • SPECIFICALLYcreated for the eyebrows. It has been tested to come into contact with the skin and dermatological tests have classified it as a safe and non-irritating product. Its formula has been studied down to the last molecule to prove that the product creates a protective layer for the hair without damaging, irritating or reddening sensitive skin.

  • Light, delicate FRAGRANCE

Product details


  • This glue has been specifically designed for eyebrows, which compared to InLei® Fixing Gel, will allow Brow Artists to achieve better results
  • created to hold eyebrow hairs in the desired position during the Brow Bomber treatment
  • Fully tested, and deemed safe to come into contact with the skin
  • soft and flexible texture
  • slightly longer drying time (compared to InLei® Fixing Gel) to help create the perfect shape of the eyebrow, getting the hairs exactly where you want them
  • water-soluble, which makes it easy to remove with just water
  • special formula allows the substances of the perm to pass through and work on the hair structure
  • Mister Fix does not alter the formula of the perm solutions or tint, and does not compromise the final result
  • Convenient and practical tube format

  • Aluminium packaging for maximum protection of the formula

  • Special design of the nozzle allows you to dose the product precisely, avoiding waste

  • dermatologically tested on sensitive skin with incredible results: not only it has been classified as non-irritating, but it has also shown zero irritation on all volunteers on whom it has been tested
  • transparent colour helps with accuracy 
  • 100% formulated in Italy
  • 15ml, lasting for up to 35 treatments
  • for professional use only