A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Lash Lift Shields

It’s no secret that the most important aspect of a lash lift treatment is the final appearance of your client’s lashes – they desire lashes that look longer and more curled than before. While product quality and application time play a significant role, the real key to a successful lash lift with noticeable results lies in the choice of shields.

Understanding Silicone Shields

InLei® shields, made from medical-grade silicone, are an essential component of any lash lift kit. These shields are vital as they cater to the natural length and curl of each client's lashes, enabling us to transform straight or downward-growing lashes into beautifully curled ones. The right shield can significantly enhance the overall look, providing a uniform curl across the lash line, whereas the wrong shield can either cause an uneven lift, or no lift at all.

InLei® Lash Lift Shields

The Importance of Choosing the Right Curl

Selecting the appropriate shield is fundamental in creating desired lash shapes and curls. InLei® silicone shields offer unparalleled flexibility with eight different sizes and styles, allowing us to deliver the best lash lift for every client. Choosing the wrong shield can lead to a poor result which can be very hard to fix post-treatment. Let’s explore the two primary styles of InLei® shields and their specific applications.

Natural Curl Shields

Shields marked with a ‘1’ are part of the Natural Curl collection. These shields offer a gentle lift from the root while maintaining straighter tips, resulting in a more natural appearance. This subtle curl is perfect for clients with hooded eyes, as the lifted lashes won't touch the eyelids. They are also ideal for male clients seeking a neat, understated lash lift.

Note: Natural Curl shields are not recommended for clients with downward-growing lashes. New growth can appear mismatched and challenging to manage.

Perfect Curl Shields

The Perfect Curl Shields create a strong, enhanced curl similar to a CC or D curl in lash extensions, providing a doll-like effect that many clients love. They are particularly effective for clients with downward-growing lashes, as they gradually curl the lashes from base to tip, creating a beautifully curled, open-eye look.

Proper Placement of Silicone Shields

Achieving a flawless lash lift requires knowing how to correctly use InLei® shields. Unlike typical lash lift rods that are thicker in the middle and thinner at the ends, InLei® shields are tapered so they are thinner at the inner corner and become gradually thicker towards the outer edge. This design ensures a natural appearance with a perfect lift and elongated effect.

Before starting the treatment, evaluate the natural position of your client’s lashes. Often, the outer corner lashes grow downwards. To correct this, you can use the reverse shield method by inverting the shield, placing the thicker part at the inner corner and the thinner section at the outer corner. This technique creates a stronger lift at the outer corner, ensuring a consistent curl across the lash line.

Selecting the Right Size Silicone Shield

Choosing the correct shield size is as crucial as selecting the appropriate type. The right size ensures a perfect lift and curl, preventing any awkward bends at the lash tips. InLei® shields come in five sizes, much like clothing sizes:

  • S (Small): Suitable for curling very short lashes.
  • M (Medium): Ideal for small to medium lashes.
  • L (Large): Best for medium to long lashes.
  • XL (Extra-Large): Designed for very long lashes.
  • XXL (Extra-Extra-Large): Recently introduced for extremely long lashes.

InLei® lash lift shields

To find the right size, conduct a "lash fitting" at the start of your session. Place the shield on the eyelid (without adhesive) and use the Fillering Tool to lift the lashes onto the shield. The ideal fit is when the lashes cover 70% of the shield’s length. Once the lashes are glued and aligned, they should cover 100% of the shield’s length.

If the lashes cover more than 70% of the shield, it means the shield is too small, which can result in bent, L-shaped tips. Conversely, if the lashes cover only 50% or less, the shield is too large, leading to a weaker, unnoticeable curl.

Exploring Forma Lash Shields

A recent addition to the InLei® shield collection is the Forma Lash Shields. These universal, one-size shields provide a lift that falls somewhere between the Natural Curl and Perfect Curl, making them versatile for almost any client regardless of lash length. The half-moon shape offers a natural lift, ideal for clients with sunken or protruding eyes, preventing excessive curl towards the eyelid. Forma Shields adhere with just a small amount of water, making them hypoallergenic and suitable for clients with adhesive sensitivities.

Forma lash lift shields

The Importance of Versatility in Shields

Having both Natural Curl and Perfect Curl shields in your lash lift kit ensures you can meet the diverse needs of your clients. Experimenting with different shapes, sizes, and positions of the shields can significantly enhance your lash lift techniques and outcomes and help you to become a better Lash Lift Technician. Embrace this process to discover the full potential of these versatile tools. For more information on all the lash lift shield products we offer, check out this blog post.

The key to achieving stunning lash lifts lies in selecting the right shields. By understanding and utilising the various types of InLei® shields, you can provide personalised, exceptional lash lift services that leave your clients delighted with their results, and scheduling their next appointment!