InLei® Professional Eyebrow Tweezers



Professional eyebrow tweezers, crafted from durable stainless steel, the angled tweezers are designed with perfectly aligned, hand-filed angle precision tips, allowing you to grip even the smallest of hairs for an expertly groomed finish.

These high quality professional eyebrow tweezers completely remove any eyebrow hairs, from tiny and short baby to thick and strong hair. They precisely grip the hairs, ensuring the hair is plucked and not cut.

The slightly angled tip and hand finished grip area ensure accuracy, so you can shape your clients' brows to perfection!

    Product details

    • The angled tip is manually hand sharpened 
    • The tip of the tweezers has a satin surface to add extra comfort and safety of use
    • Perfect tweezers thickness allows to avoid pinching the clients skin by easily removing stubborn hairs
    • Every pair of tweezers goes through tight quality control to ensure the grip is always sharp and precise
    • Made of AISI 420A stainless steel of the highest European quality
    • Can be sterilised in an autoclave without any risk of damage
    • Length: 95 mm, width of the tip: 3mm 
    • Made in Italy