InLei® Gentle Brow Wax



Gentle, synthetic wax for delicate hair removal of the brows and face. InLei®'s brow wax has an easy to see blue colour, and has a subtle and pleasant scent. 

InLei® wax has been developed and tested to be used for the delicate skin of the face, and has been deemed safe for those with sensitive skin too. 

InLei® Gentle Brow Wax is ideal for use in conjunction with brow tinting, and with Brow Bomber treatments.


    How to use

    1. Preheat the wax ( optimal temperature is 50°C / 122 °F)
    2. Put the disposable gloves on.
    3. Use a special pre-wax solution to clean the waxing area. Make sure the skin is completely dry before you apply the wax.
    4. Stir the wax using a clean wooden spatula to check if all granules have melted.
    5. Before applying the wax to the client’s skin, check the wax temperature by applying the small amount of wax onto the skin of the inner part of your wrist. If the wax is too hot, reduce the temperature and wait a few minutes for the wax to cool down. 
    6. Using a clean, wooden spatula, pick up a small amount of wax and apply it on the waxing area. 
    7. Wait a few seconds for the wax to set. Peel it off with a quick motion. Make sure the skin is stretched for easy and less painful hair removal. 
InLei® Wax can be applied either in or against the direction of hair growth.
    8. Don’t repeat the procedure on the same area for more than three times. If any stubborn hairs remain on the skin - use tweezers to remove them. Never double dip the same spatula into the wax pot - use a fresh and clean spatula every time you pick the wax up.
    9. After all the hairs have been removed, clean the area with a special after-wax solution.