Darja Striletskaja

Darja has completed training courses in Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the UK. Darja began her beauty career in August 2011 when she completed the Eyelash Extensions course with Proflashes in Estonia, and has since completed over 10 courses. Darja won multiple competitions and received title as “Queen of lashes” and “Lash artist of the year 2016”. Now Darja is one of the most well known Master lash artist, trainer, judge and speaker. In 2017 Darja receive tittle “Best UK trainer 2017”. 

Her qualifications:

-21.10.2017 Certificate "Perfect Eyebrows with Brow Henna" and "Perfect Eyebrows Modelling" Sophie Training Centre, Tallinn, Estonia
-26-27.09.2017 Certificate “Perfect Russian Volume Eyelash
Extensions” and “Technique Lash-to-Lash” Sophie Training
Centre, Tallinn, Estonia

- 17.07.2017 Certificate “Perfect Classic” and “Incredible
Volume” online course, Moscow, Russia
- 24.06.2017 Certificate “Luxury Royal Volume on Eyelashes 4D-
11D”, School Studio Lizetta, Minsk, Belarus
- 10.05.2017 Certificate “Perfect Line Effects”, LASH-to- LASH and
Luxury Lashes, Moscow, Russia
- 10.06.2016 Certificate “Color study. Dark Brown Eyelash
Extensions Techniques”, Lash Art University, Kiev, Ukraine
- 09.06.2016 Certificate “Hypervolume Eyelash extensions”,
Vivienne, Kiev, Ukraine
- 07.03.2016 Certificate “Russian Queen Super Volume Lash
Extension”, Russia Queen Lashes, Niznyi Novgorod, Russia.
- 12.03.2016 Certificate “Mega Volume”, Bordeaux, Almaty,
- 03.01.2016 Eyebrows Modeling, Sophie Lash and Brow Studio,
Tallinn, Estonia
- 21-22.11.2015 Certificate “Various methods of volume eyelash
extensions application”, Beauty Eyes, Minsk, Belarus
- 10-11.11.2015 Certificate “Creation look in style Dior. Volume
modelling eyelashes 2D/5D”, LASH-to- LASH Certificate,
Moscow, Russia
- 11.07.2015 Lash and Brow Conference, Belarus, Minsk
- 05.05.2015 Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions, London Lash
Pro, London, UK
- 01.04.2015 Single Eyelash Extensions Master-class, London
Lash Pro, London, UK
- 13.12.2014 Advanced Nail Technician Diploma, The Beauty
Academy, Leeds, UK
- 27.11.2014 Certificate of completion “Design acrylic paints”,
Jõhvi, Estonia
- 22.11.2014 Certificate of completion “Design color acrylics”,
Jõhvi, Estonia
- 02.11.2013 Brow Enhancement, The Beauty Academy, Leeds,
- 19.08.2011 Semi – Permanent Eyelash Extension, Proflashes,
Tallinn, Estonia


-Lash Champion League 2016, Bergamo, Italy
*1st Place in 2D volume nomination, Master Category
*1st Place in Natural look nomination, Professionals Category
*3rd Place in Model mix nomination, Master Category
*The Best Classic look in the opinion of Nadia Poliszczuk
*The Best Double look in the opinion of Alena Skodic
*Lash Artist of the Year 2016

-Speaker at the League of Lashmasters Conference 2016,
Prague, Czech Republic

-Lash Pro Contest 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia
*1st Place in 2D volume nomination, Expert Category
*1st Place in Dramatic Volume nomination, Expert Category
*2nd Place in Classic look nomination, Expert Category
*Special award “Queen of Lashes” from Ekaterina Kimlova
*Special prize for Perfect Modeling from Elena Stakhovich

-Online competitions Lash Festival 2016, UK

-Speaker at the International Lash Conference and
Workshop 2017, Vilnius, Lithuania

- Judge at the Lithuanian Open Championship 2017, Vilnius, Lithuania
- Judge at the Lash Idol Championship 2017, Tallinn,
- Speaker at The Perfect Eyelash Experience Conference 2017,
- Speaker Conferencia Internacional De Cejas Y Pestañas2017,
Madrid, Spain
- Judge at the London Lash Battle 2017, London, UK
- Judge at the International Lash Competition in Norway
2017, Horten, Norway
- Judge and Speaker at the International Lash Camp 2017; Brow
Conference and Championship 2017, Stockholm, Sweden
- Judge at the Lash Fest 2017 International Eyelash
Extensions Championship 2017, Bucharest, Romania

- 2017 Award “The Best UK trainer 2017” London Lash Pro, UK

- 2019 Award "UK Trainer of the Year" London Lash Pro, UK 

- 2019 Award "UK Volume Trainer of the Year" London Lash Pro, UK 


Contact details:

Lash and Brow Secrets by Darja Striletskaja

Web: lashandbrowsecrets.com

Tel: +44 7926198718

Email: info@lashandbrowsecrets.com

Instagram: @darja_londonlashpro @lashandbrowsecrets

Facebook: Lash and Brow Secrets