Your Lash Lift Treatment is Old News: Lash Filler Unveiled

In 2024, just about everyone has heard of lash lifts. They have firmly established themselves as a cornerstone service within beauty salons, captivating both clients and beauticians with their transformative results. Yet, as the industry progresses, a groundbreaking advancement has emerged, setting a new standard for lash enhancement: the Lash Filler treatment. This innovative treatment not only elevates the traditional lash lift experience but also introduces an unprecedented level of lash health and volume, being the only lash lift product on the market that is scientifically proven to increase the thickness of natural lashes by up to 24%... let us explain how!

The best lash lift product called Lash Filler

The Genesis and Science Behind Lash Filler

Originating from the heart of Italy, the Lash Filler treatment was introduced in 2018, culminating from years of meticulous research and clinical trials. It stands as the world's first lash lift treatment whose efficacy is not just claimed but scientifically proven. This makes it one step above conventional lash lifts, offering all the same aesthetic benefits but with added lash health benefits.

At the core of the Lash Filler treatment is the InLei® "FILLER 3" formula, a revolutionary product that enables the microparticles of the filler to seamlessly penetrate the lash hair, bonding with the keratin fibres within each strand. This process not only increases the lash's volume from the inside out, but it sees up to 24% increase in thickness within 3 treatments, and it also significantly enhances its structural integrity. The three-step system lifts the lashes for up to 6 weeks, providing a beautiful curl without compromising the lash quality.

A Closer Look at the Lash Filler's Unique Benefits

The Lash Filler treatment goes beyond looks by nurturing the lashes from their roots, promoting a healthier growth cycle. Its benefits continue beyond the immediate post-treatment period, strengthening the structure of the hair bulb, and stimulating keratin production in the following months. The Lash Filler lash lift system has been rigorously tested on volunteers, making it cruelty-free and guaranteeing consistently flawless results and safe treatments. Your regular clients can expect to see a huge improvement in lash thickness, averaging a 24% increase after just three sessions.

InLei® Lash Filler results

Transformative Results: Before and After the Lash Filler Treatment

The quality of the Lash Filler treatment is not just in numbers but is clear in the before-and-after comparisons. Clients with various lash concerns, from sparse and brittle to straight and unruly lashes, have seen a dramatic transformation, achieving fuller, healthier, and more resilient lashes. What more could you ask for?!

Who Stands to Benefit from the Lash Filler Treatment?

This system is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of clients of any gender, making it an ideal alternative to eyelash extensions. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who may have sensitivities or allergies to the chemicals used in lash extension glues or those looking for a more natural approach to lash enhancement.

Specifically, the Lash Filler treatment is great for lashes that:

  • Grow in a straight or downward direction, as it lifts and volumises them for an effortlessly curled appearance.
  • Appear disorganised or crisscrossed, allowing for a harmonious alignment and redirection.
  • Are dry and brittle, benefiting from the treatment's strengthening and revitalising properties.
  • Are naturally thin, experiencing a significant increase in thickness and volume.
  • Are long and rigid, becoming softer and more manageable post-treatment.
Lash lift before and after

A Deep Dive into the Lash Filler Procedure

Before any treatment takes place, it’s crucial to conduct a patch test 24-48 hours before the appointment. The first step of the treatment is always a thorough consultation to assess the client's lash condition and the results they want to see from their appointment. Following cleansing and preparing the lashes, and attaching the correct lash shield for your client, you will apply "FORM 1", a solution that opens up the hair follicles, making them malleable, and primes the lashes for the perming process.

Next, the "FIX 2" is applied, setting the shape and ensuring the lashes are perfectly aligned and positioned for the best results. If your client wants their lashes tinted, this is the point in which you’d apply the tint solution. Finally, the star of the show, InLei® "FILLER 3", is then applied, allowing the nourishing formula to penetrate deeply into each lash, bonding with the keratin fibres and starting the volumising and strengthening process.

Embracing the Lash Filler Revolution

The introduction of Lash Filler marks a significant milestone in the field of lash enhancement, offering both beauty professionals and clients a superior alternative to traditional lash lifts and extensions. Its scientifically backed approach to improving lash structure and volume not only ensures stunning visual results but also promotes the overall health of the lashes.