The Ultimate Guide to Brow Lamination: Elevate Your Brow Lamination Treatment with Brow Bomber

In the ever-evolving world of beauty trends, the quest for the perfect eyebrows has led to the emergence of innovative treatments that not only enhance appearance in a natural way. Among these, brow lamination stands out as a game-changer, especially with the introduction of InLei® Brow Bomber, a revolutionary treatment that has transformed the way we approach brow aesthetics. This guide delves into the step-by-step process of achieving flawless, fuller brows without compromising on brow health, with InLei® Brow Bomber.

Brow lamination before and after

Understanding Brow Lamination with InLei® Brow Bomber

Brow lamination, a cutting-edge treatment designed to reposition and set the eyebrows, has gained immense popularity for its ability to create voluminous, fluffy brows. The InLei® Brow Bomber takes this concept to new heights, offering a unique formula that not only styles the brows but also nourishes them from the bulb, ensuring overall health and vitality. This treatment is akin to a facial for your brows, providing both aesthetic and therapeutic benefits!

Step 1: Initial Preparation

The first step in the brow lamination process involves thorough cleansing. Removing all traces of makeup, sebum, and skincare products from the brow area is crucial to ensure the InLei® products can fully penetrate and work effectively. A foam cleanser is recommended for its gentle yet effective cleaning properties. For clients with dry skin, incorporating a gentle exfoliation step, such as the InLei® Brow Peeling, can enhance the treatment's effectiveness by removing dead skin cells and promoting a smoother application.

Lash and brow shampoo

Step 2: Enhancing Comfort with Numbing Cream (Optional)

Although InLei® Brow Bomber is designed to be gentle on the skin, offering an optional numbing step with InLei® Lady Shield can significantly enhance client comfort, especially for those with very sensitive skin. This step, enriched with Sichuan berry extract, not only naturally numbs the skin but also provides hydration and nourishment, minimising the risk of irritation or redness during the treatment.

Step 3: The Application of Lift 1

The application of Lift 1 marks the beginning of the actual lamination process. Using a precision tool like the Picasso brush, a small amount of Lift 1 is applied to the brow hairs. The duration of application varies based on hair thickness. The recommended timing is 6-8 minutes for fine hair, 8-10 minutes for medium hair and 10-12 minutes for thick-brow hair. This tailored approach ensures optimal results without compromising hair health, and it’s crucial that you stick to the correct timing for each client to avoid overprocessing. The InLei® formula is designed to work without the need for cling film, simplifying the process and enhancing client comfort.

Brow lamination process

Step 4: Setting the Shape with Lock 2

After shaping the brows into the desired position, Lock 2 is applied to fix the brows in place. This step utilises a thin layer of Mister Fix, a specialised fixing gel, followed by a precise application of Lock 2 with a clean brush which closes the hair cuticle and creates the perm. The timing for Lock 2 is calculated based on the initial Lift 1 application, by halving it then adding 2 minutes. Again, this ensures the treatment remains safe for the individual client.

Step 5: Optional Tinting for Bold Brows

For clients seeking a more dramatic effect, tinting the brows post-lamination can add depth and definition. InLei® offers a range of tints and developers that can be mixed to achieve the perfect shade. The application timing mirrors that of your Brow Lift 1 timing. Careful application techniques can also create an ombre effect, adding a modern twist to the brows. Always mix your tint and developer in a  plastic Mixing Bowl as metal containers can create a chemical reaction and oxidise your mixture prematurely and ultimately affecting the colour and quality of the products.

Step 6: Precision Hair Removal

The next step involves refining the brow shape through hair removal. Whether opting for waxing, threading, or tweezing, this step is crucial for removing stray hairs and achieving a polished look. The choice of method depends on the client's preference and skin sensitivity, so you may want to have various hair removal options available.

Brow wax for brow hair removal

Step 7: Nourishing with Brow Bomber 3

And last but not least, in the brow lamination process is the application of Brow Bomber 3, a luxurious brow butter that soothes, hydrates, and nourishes both the hair and the skin underneath. This plant-based formula is packed with beneficial ingredients that ensure the brows remain healthy and vibrant post-treatment. A small amount goes a long way, and any excess can be gently removed to leave the brows looking naturally full and defined.

Aftercare and Home Maintenance

Recommending home care products is essential to prolonging the effects of the brow lamination treatment. InLei® offers a range of products, such as the Fashion Lash and the innovative Adiutrix Lash and Brow serum, that can help maintain the health and appearance of the brows between treatments. These products are not only effective in getting your clients the best results possible, but are a great way to boost your income by retailing them to your customers. 

Brow lamination with InLei® Brow Bomber represents a significant advancement in brow care, offering a holistic approach that combines aesthetic enhancement with deep nourishment. By following this detailed guide, and shopping the InLei® brow lamination range, you can provide their clients with stunning, healthy brows that stand out from the crowd! 

For further information on the InLei® Brow Bomber treatment or to explore the full range of InLei® products, feel free to reach out to us on @Inlei_uk. Embrace the future of brow care with InLei® and transform your beauty offerings today.