Unveiling Lash Filler 25.9: What’s New?

At InLei®, continuous innovation drives us forward. With the launch of the InLei® Lash Filler 25.9, we redefine what’s possible in lash lifting. This product is not just an enhancement of our previous Lash Filler line; it's a complete level up designed to meet the evolving needs of beauty professionals and clients who seek the ultimate in lash care.

Lash Filler 25.9

Clinically Proven to Transform

Lash Filler 25.9 isn't just another product—it's a promise of transformation! Clinically proven to increase lash volume by 25% and length by 9% after three treatment, this line sets a new standard in the beauty industry. The previous Lash Filler line had no promise of length increase, but it was time we changed that! These enhancements are backed by rigorous testing and research, ensuring that every application delivers measurable and visible results that both professionals and their clients will love.

What’s Changed?

Removing Lash Filler 3

Previously, the Lash Filler 3 was a leave-on product that wasn’t removed at the end of the treatment. However, with the introduction of other steps, Lash Filler 3 is now left on to penetrate the lashes for 1-2 minutes before being removed.

Magic Mousse

The next change to the Lash Filler line is the introduction of the Magic Mousse. This is used after Lash Filler 3 to thoroughly remove the solution as well as the lash tint and other residue left over from the treatment, without affecting the lift. This new product can actually shave up to 20 minutes off your treatment time, as there is no longer the messy and time-consuming process of removing solution remnants with just damp cotton pads. Not only this, but the introduction of a thorough cleansing step reduces the risk of allergic reactions, as there is guaranteed to be no leftover product on the lashes and eyelids to cause irritation.

Magic Mousse for lash lifts

Molecular 4

The final addition that makes up the Lash Filler 25.9 system is the Lash Molecular 4. This product is a no-rinse gel formula that is used at the very end of the treatment. Its very small molecular construction is able to completely penetrate the lashes to strengthen the hair, and protect it from the inside out thanks to ingredients such as a new type of hair-specific hyaluronic acid and hydrolysed wheat and vegetable protein.

Vegan Certification and Allergy Safety

One of the standout features of Lash Filler 25.9, unlike its predecessor, is its commitment to being completely vegan. Every component, from the molecular reconstructor to the cleansing mousse, adheres to stringent vegan standards, recognised by VEGANOK, ensuring no animal products or by-products are used. This commitment extends beyond just ethical considerations; it also significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions, making it a safer choice for clients with sensitive skin.

Innovative Ingredients for Superior Results

The reformulated Lash Filler 3 is a testament to InLei®’s innovative approach to beauty using science and research. By switching to vegetable-derived keratin, we ensure that the product not only meets ethical standards but also offers enhanced performance. The inclusion of Arginine, an amino acid known for its ability to bind moisture within the hair structure, ensures that lashes stay hydrated and nourished. The rebalancing complex, featuring extracts from Mung Bean Sprouts and Red Clover, works to stimulate lash growth, enhancing the natural life cycle of the lashes.

Something to note: The new vegetable-derived keratin won’t show up on the ingredients list as keratin, it will come under the ‘amino acids’. 

Lash lift with lash lifting tool

Enhancing Lash Care with Advanced Molecular Technology

The final step of the treatment, the application of Lash Molecular 4, seals in the benefits of the earlier steps. This no-rinse gel is formulated with small molecules that penetrate deep into the hair cortex, providing lasting hydration and strengthening the lash cuticles. This innovative product not only enhances the immediate results of the treatment but also helps in maintaining the health and vitality of lashes long-term.

The same aftercare practices apply with the Lash Filler 25.9 system. Check out this blog to scrub up on your lash lift aftercare knowledge.

The Professional’s Choice

For beauty professionals, adopting the Lash Filler 25.9 line means having access to a product that is easy to integrate into existing treatment routines while offering superior results while also saving time from their treatment. The product’s consistency and reliability ensure that professionals can deliver exceptional quality treatments with confidence, knowing that each application will be safe, effective, and aligned with the latest advancements in cosmetic science.

Lash Filler 25.9 results

Why Choose Lash Filler 25.9?

Opting for Lash Filler 25.9 is about embracing a product that embodies the pinnacle of innovation and ethical beauty standards. It’s ideal for those who demand the best from their beauty treatments—efficacy that’s visible and results that are lasting. Whether you’re a beauty professional looking to upgrade your service offerings or a client seeking the best in lash care, Lash Filler 25.9 is designed to exceed expectations. Embrace this new standard and experience a transformation that not only beautifies but also respects the health and integrity of your natural lashes.